Looking for us? We moved!

Its been a wish of ours for quite sometime to have a website that is completely devoted to development in the Duluth area. A site that is easily orientated so that you can quickly follow the projects you take an interest in without having to dig and search for your desired information. This wish we have had is a wish that finally has come true as we celebrate cdinduluth's 2nd birthday. We've officially launched a website that has given cdinduluth not only a new identity to call it's own, but more so important...a home.

We decided to make a bit of an upgrade this year! Ushering in with the new year is a new us! We've been rebranded, reimagined, and recreated in ways that we feel will allow our followers and visitors to interact with us. We hope that this site will better suite not only our needs, but the needs of those who follow us and our the developments we track.

This website is just the start of a new year for cdinduluth. Keep checking back as things will be constantly be changing, updating, and being refreshed on our website. It's a work in progress, an almost beta like version of what we hope will be a very successful future for cdinduluth.

Throughout the year we will continue to update the website with new features in order to better organize and display the amount of information contained here. Projects are constantly being introduced, updated and completed; we feel that the new format of our website will allow you to better engage and track those developments. Feel free to take a look around and even more so feel free to drop us a message in our Let's Talk section. We're all ears for progress!

Once again, thank you for taking the leap with us and for following us to our new website. If you haven't had a chance to like our facebook page, please click the facebook icon on the lower right hand side of our new home page to stay up to date with the most recent development news in the Duluth area!

-The Writers at cdinduluth

Click here to visit out new home!

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