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LeeAnn Chin confirms Duluth location

Don't be confused by all those rumors or the headlines in the Duluth News Tribune saying "LeeAnn Chin not coming to Duluth?" It's all official now. LeeAnn Chin announced today along with mall officials that they will be opening their newest location in Duluth... in the food court.

Yeah, yeah, yeah it's a little different than their usual stores. To be honest it's actually a new endeavor they have taking and Duluth's will be one of their first food court locations. No they won't have the full menu, but it will still have the majority of your favorite and most delicious asian cuisine. There unfortunately won't be a full dining area, or any designated area, like many people had been hoping for. But while it may not be a full inline restaurant, at least Duluthians can cheer that one more chain is taking the chance and expanding to Duluth.

LeeAnn Chin will do a lot for the Food Court which has been struggling for the past few years to retain for a tenants in a couple of its spaces. While they've mainted a good amount of tenants, there has been a constant battle on trying to get a tenant in the former Burger King space along with the former Happy Days space. While many thought Chicken Now was the answer, that store soon closed and the space went through it's next line of temporary tenants. But now I think we all can rest that with LeeAnn Chin filling that vacant space we won't have to see another vacancy in a while.

Now all that's left is to fill the DQ/Orange Julius space. I'm sure the mall will do just fine with that.

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