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Kwik Trip plans 10th Duluth area location; Holiday Stationstores prepare

Just as Kwik Trip's first area location opened about two weeks ago in Superior the company was quick to announce a 10th planned location in the area. Kwik Trip will be constructing a new store at the corner of North 6th Avenue E and East Fourth Street most likely during the second quarter of 2016. They'll be taking over a prime corner site that currently is home to Last Chance Liquor who will close their store location in early 2016. That's right across the street from a newly built SuperAmerica and the ever successful Whole Foods Coop.

The new location for Kwik Trip will mark their fourth planned location within the city of Duluth and their first near the downtown area. Another location was recently announced for the corner of Central Entrance and Arlington Avenue a mere mile and a half away and a fifth location is still rumored for London Road.

For Kwik Trip, proximity to other store locations isn't the issue; capturing the customer is. That's while you'll see that the two locations in West Duluth area also are quite close to each other. It not only allows for a greater hold on the market, but also easier deliveries for Kwik Trip.

Area gas stations have began to prepare for the arrival of Kwik Trip early this summer and even as soon as last year. We've seen rebuilds like the SuperAmerica on the opposite corner of the newly proposed Kwik Trip on East Fourth Street or the Little Store in Proctor near Interstate 35.

Recently Holiday Stationstores also began to roll out renovations at a few of its stores including those on Central Avenue and 27th Avenue West which are closest to the new Kwik Trip locations. Those stations are receiving both exterior and interior updates. Holiday Stationstores has also begun to rollout a heavy advertising campaign in the area specifically targeting the in house selection of eggs, milk, and other baked goods offered within their stores. That marketing campaign is something that really is a direct result of Kwik Trip entering the market as they pride themselves on their low costs for fresh eggs, milk, and other goods within their stores.

The next Kwik Trip to open in the next month most likely will also be in Superior on Hwy 2 and will be closely followed by a location in Hermantown on Hwy 53 next door to Platinum Properties Sugar Maple Crossing commercial development.

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