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Interior of a typical Jo-Ann Fabrics location | AUE

As one fabrics and crafts store departs the Duluth market, another will soon enter.

Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts will open a new location at the Burning Tree Plaza in the former Hancock Fabrics space next year. The 17,682 square foot location will soon be vacated once Hancock Fabrics closes their only Duluth location at the shopping center.

Hancock Fabrics opened in Duluth in 1998 after taking over Northwest Fabrics and Crafts which had operated in the space previously. While the Duluth location was very successful, others within the company did not do as well due to increased competition by retailers such a Jo-Ann Fabrics.

Interior of a Jo-Ann Fabrics location in St. Petersburg, Florida | AUE

In early April Hancock Fabrics announced that it was going bankrupt and would close all 185 remaining locations across the country once all the merchandise had been sold. As of today the Duluth location is still open and does not yet a set closing date.


It all starts with a job listing, or four in Jo-Ann Fabrics case

On May 31st the company posted Store Manager, Assistant Store Manager, Key Holder, and Team Member positions on their website for a location at the Burning Tree Plaza (if you're interested in the jobs they can be found here). The job postings confirmed that company was entering the Duluth Market with additional sources confirming that the company will replace Hancock Fabrics.

Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts most likely isn't an unfamiliar company to most in the Northland. It's actually a store that has been on the wish-list for many for quite some time.

Having opened their first store in 1943 in Cleveland, Ohio Jo-Ann Fabrics has grown into the "leading national specialty retailer of crafting, decorating, and sewing products" in the country with over 850 locations nationwide.

The average store ranges from 10,000-25,000 square feet in size and to date the company employees over 23,000 employees across the country.

We'll have more information the new Duluth Jo-Ann Fabrics location in the coming weeks.

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