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Introducing Project Pages

We've rolled out a new feature on our website recently and thought we would give you a heads up on exactly what it is. We're calling them "Project Pages" and they're pretty great.

What is a Project Page exactly? Well, it's your one stop shop for news and information regarding a certain development. When a Project Page is available you will notice two red stars on the bottom corner of it's ID card in our projects section. From there just click on the image of the project and you will be brought to the Project Page itself. There you'll find quite a bit of useful information and all of the posts related to that project itself. We're trying to make it easy for you to learn the most.

When at the project page you'll find various documents, posts, and pictures regarding the projects and things such as site plans, floor plans, renderings, construction pictures, and more. It's meant to be an immerse experience for you tog gather all the desired information you could want.

Below find our two current projects pages. We'll be developing more and more within the coming weeks and as projects are announced. We'll be sure to post on Facebook and our website when new pages are introduced.

Until then, explore your heart out and learn a little more about these two great projects.

2100 London Road

Duluth Multimodal Transportation Center

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