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Goodbye Burger King...

If you've been keeping watch on property transactions in Duluth you would see that the Burger King on London Road soon will be closing up shop due a sale of their property. But what could possibly happening with that prime corner space on one of Duluth's busiest roads? Well we can rule out any pharmacy as we all know Walgreen's and CVS has already started there battle a mile down the road. But how about something that provides a little more CONVENIENCE to our lives. I mean, after all, this is the typical area that tourists FILL UP before they leave town for their journey back home. Any guesses yet?

That's right. According to records about the site, Kwik Trip will be opening it's first Duluth, MN location on the corner of 21st Avenue East and London Road with more locations in the works. Construction is expected to start this spring. This come weeks after Kwik Trip announced their plans to open two stores in Superior with TWO more sites under consideration in Superior.

If you're unfamiliar with Kwik Trip, we wouldn't blame you due to their lack of presence in the majority of Minnesota. They are headquarted out of Lacrosse, WI and have stores mostly in Wisconsin and Iowa, and also quite a number in Southern Minnesota. They are just starting to ramp up their expansion plans in Minnesota and plan to open 15 new stores this year overall. Known for their inexpensive bananas and milk, Kwik Trip truly is a one stop shop. When Kwik Trip start to expand to a new market they are known to expand rapidly. For example, it's common to understand the concept of how New Yorkers have a Starbucks on every corner...Well Rochester, MN citizens seem to have Kwik Trips on every corner.

To be honest. We're quite excited about this one.

(Typical exterior of a KT store )

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