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Insomnia Cookies | OPENING THIS SPRING | 1010 Woodland Avenue

Get those burrito smackin' lips ready. It's time to get your grub on.

It's official. After years and years of Duluthians wishing, hoping, dreaming, even pleading with two specific burrito joints about coming to Duluth... the prayers have been answered. Those petitions have not gone unnoticed! We reported last month that Chipotle planned to construct a store at the Miller Hill Mall and we can officially say today that our word was true (as we always try to be). Original rumors were that Chipotle was going to build a free standing location in the malls front parking lot, however the exact location within (or outside) the Miller Hill Mall still has yet to be announced. Chipotle officials have confirmed that the Miller Hill Mall location will open in March 2014.

This comes just a day after Chipotle's competition Qdoba announced that they too are opening a restaurant in the Duluth area in 2014. It looks like there's about to be a burrito showdown in the Twin Ports... but let's be honest, that's never a bad thing.

As always, we'll keep you updated with the latest news as we find out!

Until then... Happy Burrito Dreams.

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