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From us to you, Happy New Year

The first week has passed and we have officially begun 2016. It's bound to be a fantastic year. From all of us here at CDINDULUTH we just wanted to give you a recap on why 2015 was such an amazing year.

First off, 2015 was CDINDULUTH's most successful year to date. We saw an HUGE increase in the number of people visiting our website and our social media pages. Overall our Facebook page received 500 new likes pushing us pass the 1500 like mark. We hope to blow that number out of the water in 2016 by pushing more exclusive updates to Facebook and by encouraging those of you who have already liked our page to spread the word of CDINDULUTH by sharing our page. It would mean the world to us.

Our website also saw a dramatic rise in the number of visits. We have seen a great increase in people searching for CDINDULUTH through search engines such as Google and Yahoo. This year the website alone saw over 50,000 views and that number doesn't include views on our Wordpress site. It is truly amazing and we couldn't be more pleased.

In 2015 we also worked with a record setting number of developers and businesses. We were able to introduce new aspects to our website such as the Development Map and Instant Updates. In 2015 we also saw the redesign of CDINDULUTH which introduced a more streamlined, cleaner, and efficient layout and also new features such as a set-up that gave you the ability to search for projects . We hope you've enjoyed the enhancements as much as we have (if you have any suggestions, please submit them here).

If we could say this hundred times over we would...THANK YOU. Thank you to ALL of you who follow our website, share the articles we post, like our photographs, and spread the news of CDINDULUTH. Without you none of this would be possible. Our development crazed hearts thank you endlessly.

So... now what? In 2016 we hope to grow even more. We have many improvements and additions for CDINDULUTH planned that we really feel will help elevate our website and improve your experience. We hope to provide you with even more exclusive updates along with more photographs and information on the Twin Ports latest development projects.

From all of us here, we wish you ALL the best for a healthy and prosperous 2016 year.

-The Writers

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