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Francesca's Collections officially starts construction

Francesca's Collections has officially started construction of its new store at the Miller Hill Mall in Duluth. The store will fill the space that was vacated by Kay Jewelers when it moved to it's new location. The one thing I forgot to mention about Francesca's Collections stores are that they are not they large. They tend to be smaller and quite filled stores, which does in fact fit in with their description of being a "boutique" store. The new store in Duluth will once again add to the Miller Hill Mall's strong collection of tenants going down the food court wing. It does continue to concern me in a way though that they are not spending more time on filling other locations in the mall and making the tenant mix in the J.C. Penny wing stronger. However word is is that there are some exciting new retailers coming this year (Noodles is currently the only one that was announced), and ultimately the only spaces left are down that wing. The new Francesca's Collections store is expected to open in May.

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