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Family Dollar to open second Duluth location... TOMORROW.

That's right. You read correctly. The time is here and it is finally happening. The second Family Dollar location at 902 Commonwealth Avenue is officially opening for business tomorrow (2/19/15) at 9am. Hoo-rah!

The store was announced almost a year ago and was originally believed to be a Dollar General location, Family Dollar's biggest competition. However, over time plans shifted and it become clear that a Family Dollar location was in fact planeed to open in the space. This location is the second to open in Duluth after the first opened on Central Entrance in 2014. There are also two other locations in the area with one located in Superior and one in Cloquet.

With it's first location opening in 1959 in Charlotte, North Carolina, Family Dollar is currently headquartered in Matthews, North Carolina and has grown to include over 8,100 locations in the United States making it the second largest retailer of its type within the country. The company has become wildly successful and currently employs over 50,000 people. Just how successful have they been? In 2013 the company made a profit of $10.4 billion. Yeah, that's succesful.

Family Dollar was recently purchased by Dollar Tree (which has three area locations) for a staggering $8.4 billion. That's after the company was bid on for more than $9 billion by Dollar General, the United State's largest "variety store" and the direct competition of Family Dollar and Dollar Tree. However, the Dollar General bid was denied due to "antitrust issues."

Currently the company is on an aggressive growth plan opening around 500 new stores each year and because of that we can only expect to see a few more Family Dollar locations pop up in the Northland. Being there is a growing presence within the Twin Ports and now a brand loyalty forming it is likely that the company will add a few more stores in Duluth along with branching out up the North Shore and into the Iron Range.

As always, check back to CDINDULUTH for more of the latest in Twin Ports development news!

The new Family Dollar store at 602 Commonwealth Avenue in Duluth

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