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Ever heard of Wild Bill's Sports Saloon? You might get familiar soon!

Ever heard of Wild Bill'S Sports Saloon? Probably not. But there's light in the future! You may have a chance to visit one very soon all while in the comforts of Duluth. Wild Bill's, which opened its first location about four years ago in Maple Grove, Minnesota, has been working on their expansion plans and now are trying to head northward. Each location is independently owned and operated and the company hopes to one day have a chain of Wild Bill's locations open. Currently there are locations in Apple Valley, Blaine, Maple Grove, and Woodbury (covering all four corners of the Twin Cities metro area).

What is Wild Bill's exactly? Think of almost a Texas Roadhouse like atmosphere, crossed with a Buffalo Wild Wings... and there you have it! Wild Bill's is known for their homemade food and competitively priced drinks, all found within an atmosphere geared towards relaxation and sports watching. They also bring a deejay to their location for a couple nights a week for "party nights." Each location features an outdoor patio with a bar that is equipped with flatscreen televisions.

So now you probably are at the point of asking yourself "What does this have to do with Duluth?" Brokers are currently looking in the Duluth market for a suitable location to open the next Wild Bill's restaurant. The current site that they are evaluating is the old Mexican Maya space on Maple Grove Road. The only issues with that site is that there may not be enough parking or enough room to add an outdoor bar. However, there are possibilities where purchasing a surrounding site in order make the site larger is an option. What appeals to Wild Bill's about the Mexican Maya space? The fact that it is two stories and has ample visibility. Even with the detour to get there, they are sure that people would come as Wild Bill's tends to be a destination restaurant.

Wild Bill's has not yet made a decision on where they will locate though nor do they have a timeline on when the Duluth restaurant will open. Be sure to check back here for updates regarding this new and exciting restaurant!

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