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Erbert and Gerbert's in West Duluth moves to a new location!

You'd think when your sandwich comes with "guts" that it would be a sign to stay away from that particular food establishment. But oh no! Not at Erbert and Gerbert's! That's just the start of the deliciousness when it comes to their quirky named sandwiches! And it turns out, business is doing so well at the West Duluth location that they have picked up shop and moved a mile down the block.

Their previous location was located at 330 N 57th Avenue West, but recently they just moved to a new space down the road a little bit in the new retail development across from Walgreen's. Why move? A couple of reasons actually. One, the store did not have enough room, and that was both for the customer and the workers. Two, guidelines for Erbert and Gerbert's locations say that if you produce a certain amount of revenue, you MUST be operating a store within a certain amount of square footage. Well, the West Duluth location's revenue/square footage ratio was a little off... on the revenue side that is. So they were given an ultimatum. Move. Or Close. And thus not wanting to deprive the West Duluthians of their Ebert and Gerbert's fix, they decided to move! And the third reason? They just wanted to update the look of the store.

So if you get a chance to head out to West Duluth, or hey, if you live out there, be sure to check out the new Erbert and Gerbert's location next to the new Napa Auto Parts store. You'll find a significantly larger store, cleaner more modern design, and the same happy and helpful staff that you loved at the old location... and few new faces too!

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