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Dunkin' Donuts looking to enter Duluth market

Yes. You read that title correctly. Your donut craving eyes and stomach have not caused you to hallucinate, but rather to see reality. Quite possibly the most famous donut and coffee chain in the entire country, even the world, is looking to enter the Duluth market... and it could all be yours. Yes. You could be the one responsible for bringing Dunkin' Donuts to Duluth.

It was reported in 2008 that Dunkin' Donuts was looking to enter the Minnesota market, but plans seemed to fail without an aggressive approach and no interest from investors. The company had closed their last Minnesota store in the early 2000's. The talk that resumed in 2008 that there was a revival in the near future for the Dunkin' Donuts chain caused excitement in what seemed to be every corner of Minnesota. Dunkin' Donuts was looking now to gain control of the market directly after Krispy Kreme's departure in 2008 and Minnesotans were hungry for donuts in a virtually donut less environment. Then the recession hit hard and it's now been almost six years that we have still been searching, stomaches grumbling, for that delicious donut to fill our sweet tooth.

News recently broke out that the company is once again quickly looking to enter the Minnesota market. However, plans have changed, and boy have they changed for the better for us Duluthians! Dunkin Donuts has established that the Twin Cities market along with the Duluth market are where they desire to open their first Minnesota stores. They are looking for 10 franchisees in Minneapolis and for as many as five franchisees for the Duluth market. Yes people. This town could soon be home to five Dunkin' Donuts locations. But there is a catch. They need your help. Send them sources for investors! Talk to your friends and coax them into wanting to own a delicious donut and coffee emporium. You'll do us all a favor. That's the way you'll see your favorite donut shop popping up on the corner.

So whats the big deal about Dunkin' Donuts? People seem to obsess over it. You mention the double d's and it's practically as if people faint to the floor. Their a little like Walgreens when it comes to their expansion plans in larger cities... you'll find one on every corner... maybe sometimes even two to a block. Their ambitious in their plans and they have reason to be as they are... well... basically glorified by the masses. It's the fact that the company is a double whammy when it comes to sales. It's not just the fact that they have delicious donuts... it's the fact that they have the delicious coffee to go along with it too. It's created great success for the company. 1950 marked the birth year of Dunkin' Donuts, today they have over 15,000 locations in 37 different countries. Their menu seems to continue to expand with each new year, now including over 1,000 items.

Now what exactly does it take to open an iconic shop like Dunkin' Donuts? Well... continue reading and we'll tell you. Feast your eyes on the process. First you need to select an available market, good news for you is that not only is Minnesota an available market, but you have over 85 available counties to choose from. If you're looking to open shop in Houston or Winona county... your luck has run dry as those are already reserved. The interesting thing is that St. Louis County is the only county marked for future growth. Special treatment? We think so. The company must have changed plans recently and have yet to update their website. The next step in the process of owning your dream donut shop is to have experience. No, you do not have to have owned a Dunkin Donuts before in your life, but food service, or retail management is a plus. Third... you've got to have a passion for the donuts. You must live by the donut ways and dedicate yourself to serving not only the perfect donut, but also that delicious cup of coffee to go right be side it. Lastly, you've got to have the moolah... we're talking about a good amount of money here people. Requirements will vary depending on your market, but the lowest is that of $250,000 in minimum liquid assets and $500,000 minimum net worth per unit (store). Start saving those dollar bills now, it all will count eventually.

After reading the above statements, we know what your thinking to yourself. "It's funny. I happen to live in Duluth, love donuts... actually glorify them, and happen to have ohh... $250k sitting around." Well then, we think a match was just made in donut heaven... and you're in luck. Dunkin Donuts will hold a Minnesota conference for potential investors on January 21st. We think it's in your best interest to attend. Just imagine... driving up that steep hill past Spirit Mountain with thousands of Dunkin' Donuts fans cheering you on from the sidelines of the freeway... shouting your name. Now we can't guarantee that type of send off, but we can do our best to try.

So long story short, encourage your neighbors, friends, and family members, to look at opening a Dunkin Donuts in the Duluth area. They'd do us all a great favor and we'd be eternally thankful. Heck, why not get your kids in on the deal. I mean really... what kid is going to deny you their allowance for endless donuts? Point. Made.

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