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Duluth Multimodal Transportation Center rising to reality

If you been driving on Interstate 35 in Downtown Duluth over the past few months you've probably noticed the construction happening right next to the busy interstate. What was once a parking ramp in Spring has now been demolished, the site cleaned up, and we are now beginning to see the rising of the new Duluth Multimodal Transportation Center.

Work has been going steady for the past few months in order to get the site ready for the construction of the new parking ramp and transportation center. Currently footings and support columns are beginning to be form on site and area travelers should start to notice a structure rising by the end of the month when floor plates begin to be worked on.

Renovations of the Northwest Passage, otherwise known as the really long skyway across I35, will begin in the summer. Those renovations will include both exterior and interior enhancements. The outside will sport a much more modern design with some new architectural features also. The Northwest Passage will be closed from June to August conveniently during Duluth's warmest months.

Above are two of the most recent renderings of the project which shows a modern design that will be quite attractive from the roadway. The addition of quite a significant amount of downlight and accent lighting to the facade at night really makes the structure a viable addition to the downtown street scape and addresses the concern that it ultimately would be just a parking ramp.

Images on the DTA's website for the project show the current state of construction of the project. To be honest they're probably the best view you'll get of the project. How do we know this? We've tried to take our own but until the structure begins to rise a considerable amount all you'd basically see in our pictures are construction barriers and fences.

Above: It may not be the clearest construction photo... but it does justice. (Image provided by Duluth Transit).

Check out the PROJECT PAGE for the Duluth Multimodal Transportation Center here! It includes renderings, floor plans, construction photos and more!

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