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Development set to continue along Haines Road

If you've been up on Haines Road in the past few years you've probably noticed that quite a bit of development has occurred on the road. That development is projected to not only continue, but ramp up in the next few years. Today I am going to focus on a new development that is actually in a different area than where most of the recent development has occurred. The site I am referring to is the site on the corner of Arrowhead Road and Haines Road. Currently the site has a baptist church on it (which will stay), but the surrounding area all could change drastically in the coming years. The new development called "Arrowhead Crossing" will be a new mix-use development featuring retail and office space. However, the site could potentially become all retail depending on how the market shapes up to be. Covering over 50 acres, the site is quite large and can house quite a multitude of buildings. Currently there are three phases planned, with the first phase being development along the side of Haines Road. The site is being sold in parcels right now, but those however can be combined to create one large site. It sounds like it will be quite a nice development when it's finished (no date is set yet) being there are development standards for what the buildings will have to look like and an extremely nice site. The first parcel sold really will be the determining factor for how the development turns out, but what we do know is that this really will change the area quite a bit. The site also is being sold as one large 54.2 acre commercial site that is currently listed at $1,650,000, thus opening up a huge opportunity for a new retail development. It wouldn't surprise me if that is what actually became of the site, maybe with a long term hotel like Courtyard on site due to the proximity of the airport. Only time will tell!

For an image of the site click the link below


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