Hi Twin Ports! Can you believe it? It's finally here. Have you explored the development map yet?


So it’s been all over the news for the past few months now, Essentia Health will be moving their Fitness and Therapy Center from Downtown Duluth to the Miller Hill Mall. Yet the amount of details made available on what the mall space will include has remained little none. Until now.


Essentia Health will invest $15 million in the mall space, that includes the purchase price and all of the renovations. While Essentia Health did purchase the entire 145,000 square foot, two story former Younker’s space, they don’t intend to use all of that space… at least not right away.

Sources state that Essentia saw an “opportunity to contribute to the redevelopment and vibrancy of the Miller Hill Mall.” Moving to the mall allows Essentia Health to provide a more convienent location to it’s patients. It also allows the company to reduce overall costs which in turn creates savings for their patients.

Essentia Health’s new Fitness and Therapy Center will take over half of the ground floor space of the former Younker’s building. Inside the space there will be a large excise area (larger than Downtown’s), more equipment and larger locker rooms. While the space won’t have a lap pool like the downtown location it will have a therapy pool. Now before you throw your computer out the window over the loss of a lap pool let us remind you that Essentia Health’s new Wellness Center in Hermantown which opens in a few months just down the road will have a full lap pool. #crisisadverted

Essentia Health plans to open their Miller Hill Mall Fitness and Therapy Center later this fall.