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Day surgery center to be constructed in former Sears space

Day surgery center to be constructed in former Sears space image

A new surgical center is set to begin construction later this year in a space at the Miller Hill Mall.

Located in the former Sears location at 1600 Miller Trunk Highway, Essentia Health will construct a new day surgery center in nearly half of the previously retailer’s space. The new center will take up 32,080 square feet of the space and will be located in the back portion of the building.

The idea behind the new outpatient surgery center is that it will provide a place for individuals who want to use outpatient services and recover at home. The new facility will also allow for a number of specialized surgeries and other procedures that can be done without hospitalization.

The renovation of the existing building will include a complete transformation of the entire interior along with adding a brand-new entryway to the outpatient surgery center facing Trinity Road (US HWY 53). The new facility will include eight operating rooms, 24 patient recovery rooms, offices, a laboratory and pharmacy while the existing areas that previously were a tire center will be transformed into an indoor vehicle court.

The existing parking lot surrounding the new day surgery center will also receive some updates. In addition to new pavement and markings, additional green space will be created in various areas. A portion of parking area will also be entirely removed, and a new roadway will be constructed in its place that will direct traffic in a better flow and allow for even more green space to be added.

Work on Essentia Health’s new outpatient surgery center located at 1600 Miller Trunk Highway is anticipated this begin this spring.

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