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Construction end nears for Sugar Maple Crossings development

What began as a single retail building at the intersection of Sugar Maple Drive and Highway 53 in Hermantown has developed into a bustling commercial campus.

Sugar Maple Crossing is about to wrap up construction on their final phase of the project with tenants beginning to move in by early May.The project has been constructed over a few years time and is located at the entry to the residential development Maple Village which features 44 residential lots, many of which have already been developed.

Above: Exterior work is wrapping up on the most recent addition of Sugar Maple Crossings


If you've driven past the site recently you may have noticed an additional building, rather an expansion, being constructed towards the back of the site. A large portion of that space is already leased to Eventis, a telecommunications provider that currently has an office in Downtown Duluth.

One retail space featuring 3,000 square feet of space is still available and can be subdivided into two smaller spaces depending on the need. The retail space does have the ability to have a drive through depending on the tenants needs which the developers hope may attract a coffee shop or another dining establishment.

Last month a second retail building was completed that is now fully leased with a Burger King and Domino's location, both of which have been doing exceptionally well.

Above: The remaining 3,000 square feet of space has yet to be leased

Above: The second of the project was completed last month


This final expansion will mark the completion of the Sugar Maple Crossing development. The area has changed significantly over the past few years beginning as a largely wooded and somewhat desolate area, to now being a bustling commercially active corridor.

Platinum Properties will be remodeling the exterior of the first phase of Sugar Maple Crossing, adding new crown molding, and changing paint colors, so that all phases of the project flow together and each phase is not distinguishable.

Above: Work is underway on renovating parts of the first phase of the development in order to remain cohesive in the overall design.

Sugar Maple Crossings includes the area's first Dickey's Barbecue location along with Fastenal, Crossfit, Country Financial, and as mentioned above Burger King and Domino's.

Last year the development received a new neighbor as Kwik Trip opened their first Hermantown location next door to the site.

If you are interested in leasing any of the remaining retail space please feel free to contact us here and we can get your in contact with the developers.

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