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Children's Museum on the way to their new home... with a pit stop

(Image above of the final home for the Duluth Children's Museum)

As many people may already know, the Duluth Children's Museum is on the move... well, at least to a temporary home until they can actually move into their permanent home. The museum will move almost directly next door to where they will hopefully end up in a few years in Lincoln Park. The space they will be occupying is the former Athletic Republic space, a space that is twice the size of their current space in the Duluth Depot. They will open in their new temporary home by no later than May 29th.

They are calling this move "phase one" and are doing it because it is a move that ensures that "phase two" will come to fruition. Phase two will be located on Helm Street (right next to the Clyde Iron Works development) and will encompass the entire former Duluth Brewing and Malting Company building. The move was necessary because if the Children's Museum were to remain in their current space, they would be forced to close due to lack of space and requirements by their partners. The museum has over 9,000 members now and is growing at a rapid rate. To give you an idea at the rate in which they are growing, less than three years ago they had a member count of 6,000. The space, in the former Athletic Republic space, will allow the museum to have more exhibits, new technology, and a better format. The old space at the Depot will still be used by the Children's Museum and will allow them to showcase artifacts that have been in storage due to lack of room.

The final phase for the project will be when the Children's Museum moves into their permeant home. The new space will cost almost $10,000,000 and will be 4 times as large as their current space (28,000 sqf), which will allow the museum to serve more age groups, have an increased amount of technology and exhibits, and will also have a roof top garden for learning. Other museum plans include the following.

Learning lab kitchen

Rotating exhibit hall

Interactive areas for science, math, music and art

Dedciated space for early childhood development and education

Hands-on technology programs and exhivits

Performance Stage

Bubble Room

Rooftop garden and green education

Kraus Anderson has been selected to build the project. To donate to the Duluth Children's Museum click the link below

And check tomorrow about the possible future plans for the Clyde Iron Works site.

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