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Blacklist Artisan Ales opening on Superior Street

Duluth knows how to do craft beer that’s for sure. This summer the scene will get even better when a Duluth favorite opens a new brewery and taproom in Downtown Duluth.

Duluth's newly designated HART District (Historic Arts and Theatre) on East Superior Street will soon be home to Blacklist Artisan Ales. The company announced that they will move their brewery from their current location at 211 East 2nd Street to 122 East Superior Street. The space previously was home to the Last Place on Earth and is now undergoing an extensive renovation after being purchased by Duluth-based Titanium Partners LLC last year.

Former Last Place On Earth building | Duluth News Tribune

Blacklist will occupy 5,700 square feet within the building and will act as the building’s flagship tenant. Plans for their space include not only a brewery but also a taproom for the public to enjoy their delicious brews. Currently Blacklist operates as a “gypsy” brewery meaning all their brewing and production occurs in rented spaces.

Started in 2012, Blacklist is owned and operated by Brian Schazenbach, T.J. Estabrook, and Jon Loss. The brewery prides itself on developing and brewing artisan ales. All three are quite talented individuals. Brian holds a World Brewers Certification from the Siebel Institute and most recently worked for the Fitger’s Brewhouse in Duluth while Jon is a cicerone… which means he is literally a certified professional on serving beer and pairing it with foods. T.J. on the other hand has an extensive background in taxation law and is listed as the company’s General Consul and Brewfit Visionary. Sounds to us like a team built for success.

Now let’s get this straight. Blacklist is quite the brewery when it comes to the beers they brew. It’s all in the ingredients which include grapefruit, green tea, lemongrass, and local honey among others. The move will allow not only for the expansion of production but it will also allow for the company to continue their experimentation with new ales. If you want to see what they currently offer, visit their website here. If you don’t care… still visit it because it’s absolutely gorgeous.

The fact that Blacklist is coming to East Superior Street is great news for the continued rejuvenation of this portion of Downtown Duluth

A new chapter for East Superior Street

In the past decade the area surrounding where Blacklist will open their new brewery has seen the addition of many new businesses and developments. Spearheaded in the early 2000's by Sherman Development's 11 story mixed use project including a Sheraton Hotel and condominium development, the area has continued to attract new businesses and development over the years.

Notable new restaurants to the area within the last five years include Zeitgiest Arts Cafe and Tycoons Alehouse along with the recently opened Lark Cafe. The Zeitgiest Arts building also house Zinema 2, a two theater independent movie theater, and also the Teatro Zuccone, a 120 seat performing arts space that is home the wildly successful Renegade Comedy Club. The company produces six shows a year and twice a week they host their IMPROV shows which are always a hit.

More recently Fond-Du-Luth Casino completed an extensive renovation to the interior and exterior of their space. Down the block the former Carlson Bookstore, now called The Lang Motors building, also is undergoing an extensive interior and exterior renovation.

What could be argued as the most influential and at one point, crucial, projects within the district is the renovation of the historic Norshor Theatre. Owned by Sherman Associates, the renovation and restoration of the theatre has been planned for years. After some setbacks and issues with funding work on the project is expected to begin this year with a completion planned for late 2017. When completed it will introduce a 700 state-of-the-art theatre to the neighborhood that will operated by the Duluth Playhouse.

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