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Best Buy will be on the move soon!

That's right! One of the major tenants of Burning Tree Plaza is hoping to move within the coming year or two to a brand new space. Where is that space? Well.. that's still a secret. But don't worry! It won't be far! Best Buy as a company has been turning to a smaller store footprint for it's stores, shying away from the larger footprints. A typical Best Buy store can range anywhere from 20,000 to 58,000 square feet. Duluth's location is most likely on the larger end of that scale, closer to around 40,000 square feet. Best Buy hopes to shrink it's overall U.S. square footage by 10 percent in the next three to five years in order to give an annual savings over $70 t0 $80 million. The Duluth store's performance is very good, so it's not because of business that they are deciding to downsize; but rather it is a company decision. Other issues refer to the lack of ease when it comes to receiving shipments and not enough parking. Something should be announced within the coming months of when and where they plan to move.

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