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American Eagle Outfitters plans renovation for store 280

The call for bids has been placed by American Eagle Outfitters for an almost $300,000 renovation of the Miller Hill Mall store. The store will stay in the same location but will be completely rebuilt to feature their newest prototype. The newest prototype in fact has yet to enter the Minnesota market (it's even newer than their 2nd store at MOA that features a rugged feeling). The design is an almost entirely glass facade with a simple entrance with a wood framing outlining it. As far as we know there are only a few locations that feature this new design in the country. Construction is expected to start in June and the temp location for American Eagle is currently unknown.

Great news for the Miller Hill Mall as that central space now has received many storefront updates (Caribou Coffee, Spencer Gifts, Hot Topic, Torrid, the new addition of Express/Express Men's). American Eagles current storefront has remained untouched for quite some time now and is actually a prototype (new store design) behind. We can largely assume that this renovation also is due in part to the fact that the retail is looking to draw in the former Abercrombie and Fitch shoppers.

(New American Eagle storefront at Killeen Mall in Texas)

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