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Almost to 1,000 views!

So today's post might not be about retail development (don't worry there are plenty more of those to come), but it's still about something pretty important! The site has almost reach 1,000 views after less than a month online! That's great! But this is where I need your help! We need to increase the readership because even though a thousand views seems quite great, it still needs to rise some more to a point where hundreds are viewing the site a day. Why? There are many reasons! We'll get to that later. So PLEASE, share the word about the blog to anyone and everyone you can think of who might be interested, even if they are just a little bit interested! If that means posting a link on Facebook or your Twitter account! Than please do so if possible! Or hey! Send an email out to people who you think might get some enjoyment from the site. It's not a very exciting topic it may seem like, but there is actually quite a bit of interesting stuff that can come out of the topic! So please, please, PLEASE, share the site and get the word out! Word of mouth means a lot too. The more daily views the site gets, the more information will be obtained because sadly, yes sadly, information is released by retailers depending on the amount of sources that will view it. That may not make sense because you'd think if we were searching for information that a retailer might not want to have released yet that they would be more inclined to release it to a smaller audience in hopes that it wouldn't spread so quickly. That's not the case though! If they have a site that has a very high daily following, they are more inclined to release unreleased information that may not be released for months in hopes of revving up excitement and a following for the company in the area before they enter the market or make their official announcement. So by having more views each day it allows me to be able to search deeper into rumors going around the city and about new retailers coming to the city. BUT, it also allows me the ability to be able to bring new information about retailers and developments here to you first!

So the final meaning of this post. Please try to get the word out about this site. It'd mean a lot to me and it would really help me in being able to provide the best news for you before any other source knows!

And to those of you currently following! THANKS!


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