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Something new in store Marcus Theatre's Duluth 10 this Spring!

For all you movie lovers out there Marcus Theatres is bringing something new to their Duluth 10 theater just for your viewing pleasure, and well... a hopeful increase in attendance also! This spring Marcus Theatres will add one of their signature Ultrascreen screens to the Duluth 10 theater. They will be completely gutting the former Omnimax space and will be fitting the space with a new 3.5 story screen, the latest technology in digital and audio projection, and 275 new tilting memory foam seatings. The new technology within the theater will give it's guests an image and audio experience like none they have ever encountered before! But the remodeling of the screen to this new format is just the beginning of Marcus Theatre's plans for the space. They also will be completely gutting the lobby and renovating the entire Omnimax building to feature a more upscale feel along with a new lounge named "Take Five," which will serve mixed drinks and imported beers, along with finger foods and pizza. Duluth 10's box office will be moved to the currently lobby of the former Omnimax space while the existing lobby will receive new carpeting and also self service soda stations. Many people seem to be, for some reason or another, confused as to what exactly a self service soda station is. Don't get too excited, it's not free soda. It's exactly like what you find at McDonalds or Subway. You are given a cup and fill it yourself. Confusion = Gone.

Begin now counting the days down until you can have a movie viewing experience like none you have ever encountered before when Duluth 10's Ultrascreen opens in the Spring of 2012.

(Ultrascreen at West Acres Cinema in Fargo, ND)

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