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What's happening with the old Ground Round restaurant?

Nothing at the moment. But boy have plans and rumors been popping up lately. The site was actually in the process of being sold this past winter to Members Cooperative who were planning to move their current branch from the Firestone building, to a new full service branch (complete with drive through) at the Ground Round site. It was up in the air if they would reuse to building or completely just rebuild. Before them the rumor was that Walgreens was buying the site to build it's new store (obviously this plan was from when they were still in the mall). When that failed T.G.I Fridays had apparently bought the site to build it's first Northern Minnesota location, clearly that failed. So what's the plan now? Currently CMRA is apparently in talks with a new restaurant that would like to purchase the site. Not much is known at the current moment but hopefully plans will firm up in the coming months. What happened as far as Members Cooperative goes? Well recently they tried to purchase part of the old CEC 8 site on the corner of Haines and Miller Trunk Highway, but were actually turned down as the developer already is in the talks with other tenants and hopes to have some deals signed by the end of the year. So their hunt continues, but hey! At least some new development is coming!

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