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What's happening to the old Saturn Dealership?

Anyone who has driven past the former Saturn Dealership, which closed last year, in Duluth (actually Hermantown) may have noticed some work going on. That's because a new car company is making it's way into the Duluth area, a entry that is welcomed by many. Volkswagen will open a new dealership in the former Saturn space hopefully by late Spring / early Summer 2012. Work has begun and is largely finished on the renovation of the existing building. Many Duluthians are extremely excited for the entering of this particular car brand to our market because, well, they already own one of their cars and are tried of driving to the Twin Cities area whenever they need a check up. You may not think that you see that many Volkswagens driving around the city, but you also must remember that the company also owns Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, and half of Porsche. That means all those drivers will now be able to have their cars serviced in Duluth, and lets be honest, there are a lot of Audis in Duluth.

Look for work on their new space to gear up with the warming of the weather and don't think you're crazy if you see an influx of the new 2012 Beetle driving around Duluth this summer. It means a Volkswagen is oh so very near.

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