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Kwik Trip confirms second Duluth location

(Both locations will sport the similar looks of the above 2014 prototype)

Look for not one, but two Kwik Trip locations to begin construction soon in Duluth. That is if they're approved by the city of Duluth planning commission. What may be most surprising about the two locations is that they are a mere mile and a half apart. That's right. A mile and a half. As it's been mentioned before, Kwik Trip really likes to secure a market when they make their first presence. Rochester alone has over 12 locations, and they are continuing to expand.

(Grand avenue site aerial)

(Site rendering above the proposed Kwik Trip at 4219 Grand Avenue)

We posted a few weeks ago about the first planned location at 4219 Grand Avenue where there currently is a vacant church and a vacant gas station. Those plans are correct in the fact that Kwik Trip will bulldoze all structures on site and build Duluth's first official location there. What we failed to catch onto was the fact that there was an additional location, on an almost identical site (which may be the reason for such a quick development of the second site) a short distance away.

The second Kwik Trip location is planed for 2716 West Superior Street. That's a site that currently houses North West Plow and Auto company. If you still can't quite figure out where we are talking about, think the site that's across from Quizno's and Little Caesars near the Post Office.

Both sites will be going before the City of Duluth's planning commission in the coming weeks for approval.Construction could begin this winter still, with an opening occurring in early summer. Don't forget there also are two locations planned for Superior (with a third under development), with two other locations rumored for the Duluth area. The only area that seems to be lacking plans for a Kwik Trip is the Miller Hill mall area. We can only assume those plans are somewhere in the works.

Here's our two cents on this. We think it couldn't be better news for both areas. Kwik Trip really is making an effort to take sites that are currently underutilized or are in poor shape regarding the structures on site and really turn them around into something positive. Yeah, we understand that when it comes down to the grand scheme of things, it's still a convenience store and gas station, BUT, things could be worse. You could have a fast food giant such as McDonald's setting up shop on each of these corners. The one that we really are excited about is the Superior Street location. That area really hasn't seen much development within the last decade at all. The site that Kwik Trip will be occupying really is need of an update and we think something fresh will do wonders for the whole image of the neighborhood. People also need to remember that Kwik Trip is known also for their almost market type offerings within their convenience stores and often are really liked by the communities in which they locate. So what could be so bad about another shop in the neighborhood offering milk, butter, and eggs for an insanely cheap price?

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