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ATTENTION READERS: Here is the TRUTH to where our information comes from

It was brought to our attention last night by a reader of our blog, CDINDULUTH, that the local blog "Twin Ports Business" has written an article regarding a recent post of ours. It states the information as posted Wednesday, May 16th, regarding Costco looking to open a location in Duluth, MN in 2016, is "NOT TRUE." Here is what we have to say to that.

CDINDULUTH was created in 2012 as a local development blog. From there the simple blog has grown into a full website. What we do at CDINDULUTH is report the latest in development news in the Twin Ports.... meaning we report it all. The articles that we post are 100% factual as we are NOT intending to add rumors to an already large database of development rumors in the Twin Ports. If you're looking for proof that we do not report on rumors, you can find so here, or under the "Rumors" section in "The Development Tracker" portion of our website. What our blog, from the very first post, has always been mean't to do is bring all the development news regarding our area to residents in the Twin Ports. We spend great deals of time researching, contacting sources, and discussing content matter for every single one of our articles to make sure that we are correctly educating the public on the specific topic of development.

If you've read our article entitled "Costco puts Duluth on their radar for 2016," (and if you haven't yet you can do so here) you will find quite a few things that contradict the post that was written by Twin Ports Business. In fact, we have compiled a list below to specifically show you how the post written against CDINDULUTH's article is untrue itself.

If you haven't read Twin Ports Business' post yet, we've attached it below. Please take a moment to read it before reading our list.

Above is the article, as posted by Twin Ports Business.


1. We have a multitude of reasons for why there are not any referenced persons or resources within our post, one of the greatest being the fact that CDINDULUTH talks with multitudes of sources throughout a specific development project's timeline. The general public probably underestimates just how much time it takes to develop these posts. If you're familiar with our website, Costco was listed under our "Rumored" section for the year 2016 since January 2014. The reason why? That's the first time we heard the rumor and the first time we began talking to Costco representatives. If you're thinking to yourself "Well, it's been four months now and you're just posting about the topic... is there a reason for the delay?" Then yes, you're correct. The delay is because that's just how long we've been talking to Costco reps, area developers, leasing agencies, and commercial brokers. That's right. We don't JUST talk to one source, because after all, that single source could unreliable or ill-informed. What we at CDINDULUTH do is cover ALL the bases and in the end write a post filled with a conglomerate of information from different sources.

2. If we talk with so many sources, why don't we at least refer to some? Well, that just wouldn't be fair. All our sources helped shape the final post. We also wouldn't want to burden you with a nine page post listing off every individual we talked to over a four month period. We're not a newspaper...we're a non-profit website who is run by people who love to write about development. We're not out to inadequately inform the community. Plus, we like to keep things informative, to a point where the reader feels like they can know and understand the company by the end of the post.

3. We have yet to be able to find any comment regarding the matter posted to Senator Roger Reinert's Facebook page.

4. In reference and response to Chris Eng's comment of...

Whoever put that blog out there, it’s not true, it’s not true at all. Would we love to have a Costco? Absolutely

....You never know! Things might look up in the year 2016 for Costco lovers! After all, we do start our blog post out by saying...

Duluth is officially on Costco's radar for a location to open tentatively in 2016.

"Radar" would imply that the company is actively searching in the area.... and the word "tentatively" would imply that it is not 100% official.

Our Closing Comments

So now, this very long post with nothing related to a new development in it, will finally come to close. But first, we would like to refer to the last line of Twin Ports Business' post, which says...

It’s a β€œmade-up rumor."

We all lead busy lives, as do the writers at CDINDULUTH. We are not paid for our job, which means every article we write and every project we research is time taken out of our day simply due to our love for development and a wish to educate the residents of our community on the progress of our great area. It is not in our best interest, nor should it be in any persons, to sit and "make-up rumors" regarding development. Now... that just wouldn't be fair to the general public... and it would also be a waste of our four months of Costco research.

To all of our CDINDULUTH followers, we can assure you 100% that our information posted not only on CDINDULUTH, but also regarding the information within our article, "Costco puts Duluth on their radar for 2016," is, in fact, TRUE.

A lot can happen in two years when 2016 finally arrives... like a Costco store being built. After all, those things are behemoths.

-The Writers

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